Judith Ghashghaie


                                Artist Statement


      "When the real is no longer what it was, nostalgia assumes its full meaning”

                                                                                        Jean Baudrillar.

  I use the path of archetypal images of shoes; according to Freud, the shoe is a universal fetish that cuts across all cultures. By using this fetish, I intent to conciliate my Latino origins with what I have experienced while living and working in the in The United States.  This iconography may be decoded and interpreted by an interactive audience. Essentially, my aesthetic proposal is based on the premise that the public is who perform, expend, update the artwork; she or he may retrace ideas, concepts and meaning, which originated from an original media.      

 Shoes are cultural artifact that can be used to symbolize movement and transit (both in the ephemeral and transitional state of values), all of which are full of open and multiple meaning. In my productions, I use classical concepts of composition: balance, unity, harmony, variety, contrast, movement, repetition, rhythm, depending on what I am working with. I include the use of relativity of space and strident colors, which mark the content beyond the usual. Some of my works go beyond the canvas itself and interact with the walls surface, an installation process is required.

Satire and irony are values that I like to use for expanding meanings of the statements. With my work, I try to compel the viewers to interact, reflect and respond to their own realities. In some opportunities, my aesthetic proposal implies to create a collective artwork in perpetual progress by anonymous individuals.  In this project, I am using real shoes donated and exchanged by the public, and I use videos so the audience is able to extend the communication. 

  My multi-media palette includes oils, acrylics, charcoal, oil pastel, prisma pencil, collage, fabric, rice papers, corborundum, clay layered on paper, wood or canvas, clay glazed or finished with oil patina, as well videos and found objects. Continuing to explore and experiment with all surfaces that I find desirable to express my imagery.




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